Are the right kind of people in your corner?

There’s always strength in numbers.

I’ve always loved this saying – there really is strength in numbers. Especially when it comes to supportive and positive people  – the more you have of anything, the stronger you or that thing becomes.

I recently attended a coaching trip in Cancun and wow! I truly saw the results of this saying in action. Rooms full of like minded people, all with similar goals literally empowering each other, there are no words to describe the feeling of uplifting strength I experienced and took home with me. Making connections with other people who were all working toward the same  goals, helping one another with a like minded support system – you feel as though you could do anything.

So who is in YOUR accountability team? Do you surround yourself with people who encourage and build you up? Imagine what you could accomplish with your own reliable village! You need motivators who want the best for you and are willing to commit to keeping you accountable and when you have people like these, with common goals, your chances of achievement increase dramatically!




Maybe it’s time to do a little friendly housekeeping? Time to actively seek out friends with common goals. Whether it’s online or face to face, having a core group of people that you can rely on will make the difference between success and failure. Even if you aren’t a people person or are an introvert, there are other ways to engage with accountability partners.


Make it your goal to set yourself up for success! Get your cheerleaders together and keep each other encouraged and motivated. The more, the merrier! Before long, you’ll be celebrating meeting milestones together and setting even more goals!

Are you in need of a team of people lifting you higher? Come on over to my FB PAGE HERE and send me a message. I would love to give you that same kind of support!

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