Snack your way Thin

This is where I have become pretty disciplined over the years. How many of you are guilty of grabbing a few goldfish from your kids plate, a handful of Teddy Grahams out of the cupboard or a bite of mac and cheese your little one left behind?!? That can easily add up to an extra […]

Build Your Own Success Club

After a crazy two weeks in Ohio, I am finally back in North Carolina.  I will tell you what, that place is on fire when it comes to fitness, a commitment to get healthy, and fighting this obesity epidemic…better be, they are the 13th most obese state!  Originally, I travelled back to Ohio for a […]

Support Makes All the Difference

Things have been crazy these last couple month for me with moving cross country and my husband’s deployment looming in the near future. Needless to say, my workouts and eating habits have suffered.  Usually I am pretty good at keeping myself motivated but, boxes, lack of sleep and a 7 month old seem to be […]

Skinny Chicken Fingers

I found this awesome chicken fingers recipe in my fitness magazine. Originally I was excited because my son loves chicken strips but they pack 600 plus calories at his favorite restaurant. These weigh in at only 212 calories and 3 grams of fat…AWESOME! Added bonus, I don’t feel guilty sitting down to enjoy a few with […]

Top 12 Healthy Eating Guidelines for Weight Loss

Moderation is Key

I firmly believe nutrition is where many of us sabotage our weight loss/fat loss efforts. I’m guilty…I’ve been known to steal a couple of my sons animal crackers or sneak a few bites of his Mac & Cheese. Then there are those of us that are so busy getting our kids ready in the morning or […]

In This Together


Hi, my name is Sommer and for the most part, I’m just like any other mom. All I want is the energy to chase my kids around and look and feel good doing it! I have always been pretty active, athletic and in-shape. I studied Criminology in college (I did study Exercise Science for two years […]

Choosing to Lead Through My Fears


When I first started working as a personal trainer I set out to help other people get fit. That was the goal. To get their fitness level and nutrition to a place that was sustainable and to where they could feel confident. I’ve got a secret…the part of that story I’ve never told most people […]

Watermelon Pops


The kids, Chad, and I had a blast this week enjoy the hot weather, playing in the pool and just being a family together. A few weeks back I had posted these pops on my Facebook page from Pinterest. Do you know that most people just “pin” they never do what they put on their […]