You Become What You Believe

You Become What You Believe

So, I might have an addiction to shirts with quotes along headbands and colorful shoes! It’s true, I LOVE shoes. This one was a gift from my amazing friends and coach and touches on a topic I speak on all the time…what you believe is the foundation to everything bc your beliefs determine your actions and your actions determine the outcome!

Oprah said it best, “You become what you believe!”

Become T-Shirt

If you believe your marriage sucks, guess what…you’re probably not going to buy his favorite beer when your at the grocery and put a bow on and sweet note on it.

If you believe you will never be as fit as your friends your probably going to hit snooze more often than workout bc why try if it will never happen (FYI: I done believe in comparing).

If you believe it’s about a number on the scale you will probably never make the hard nutritional changes for your family to be healthy too bc it’s all about you and the scale.

If you believe only “people like me” (not sure what that means haha but I have heard it) succeed at this business then you probably won’t make the sacrifices I made to get where I am today.

I talk about this ALL the time on my wall

Now….here’s the secret to counteract all those thoughts! I call it a secret, but it’s not really.

Reverse all those thoughts into positive ones!

If you reverse ALL of those situations, perspectives change.

  • You do sweet things for your husband
  • You push play each morning
  • You slowly make nutritional changes for everyone in your family even though they don’t like it
  • You remain teachable doing the little things I guide you through

Over time, your marriage will ROCK! You will feel confident and good in your skin:) Your kids will not have the same struggles some of us had as adults. And you will have a business that blows your mind :)

But… it starts w you and your belief.

So my question of the day is…

What in YOUR life are you sabotaging w your belief?

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