How to Get SMART About Your Goals!


We all have goals when it comes to our healthy journey, right?   So what is it like to be S.M.A.R.T when it comes to reaching those goals? I mean REALLY S.M.A.R.T! It’s an acronym that may be totally new to you but one that actually works so I wanted to share it with you […]

Best Snacks for Mom and the Kids on the Go!


Families seem to be on the go practically all the time these days, regardless of whether they are at work or at home. The bottom line is that everyone spends a significant amount of days on the go. In a perfect world, everyone would enjoy three nutritious home prepared meals every day but… … life […]

How to get motivated for any workout!


We’ve all been there… good intentions of staying on track with our workouts but life finds its way in. Schedules change. You’ve been up all night with a sick little one. The house is a mess. I could go on…. They say it takes 21 day to build a habit. We’ve heard it time and […]

Why Water MATTERS!


Before we all start jumping into the Summer fun, I want to just touch base with you about something that is absolutely VITAL to not just your weight loss goals but your health as well. Yep… WATER. Every part of your body needs it from the tiniest molecule to the largest organ. Not only does […]

Getting your kids on board with healthy eating!


Ever try to get one of your kids to eat healthier and it’s like pulling teeth??   Getting your kid to eat just ONE bite of that little broccoli tree or just TRY the avocado can feel like an all out battle some days.   And then there’s us.. just trying to reach our goals. […]

Overcoming “ Mom Guilt ”


Every mother that reads this knows exactly what I’m talking about when I say ” mom guilt “. It’s that never ending, nagging voice inside your head that is instantly implanted in your brain as soon as your child breathes their very first breath. You know the one! That voice that constantly haunts you whenever […]

Why Accountability Matters in Reaching Your Goals


Do you believe in the power of accountability when it comes to reaching your goals? If you ask me… everyone needs SOMEone to hold them accountable. Whether you are trying to lose weight or simply trying to save money, having a person who can relate to you, can mean the difference between success and failure. […]

Why the Scale is Sabotaging Your Efforts


Have you ever found your day starting off on the wrong foot because of the scale?   You feel like you put in all this work during the week only to find out you GAINED. Or maybe you know you were off track and you jump on just to kick yourself into gear but then […]