Can you see the bigger picture when it comes to losing weight?

Do you ever feel like you are putting in all this work and then…. nothing?

No progress… no scale change… no anything?

I get it, it can be discouraging NOT seeing the progress you want to see, as quickly as you want to see it.

Putting in the time, hard work and dedication without getting the payoff you deserve can be the “last straw”, causing many people to give up when trying to live healthy and lose weight.

BUT sometimes we aren’t seeing the bigger picture of it all and that’s what leads us back to unhealthy choices. Today I want to help you break that habit with a few tips on how to truly measure progress along the way for yourself and stay on track towards your goals…


Measure inches, not pounds

People rely on their scales to tell them the “truth”. They look to it as the end all, be all but honestly it’s a crutch that doesn’t always tell us how well we are doing when it comes to getting healthy. More and more fitness coaches are encouraging people to throw out the scale and start measuring your progress in inches. Measure your waist, hips, thighs, arms, neck, etc. Write THESE numbers down and compare each week. Dropping inches will happen quickly and be more obvious. You may notice your clothes fitting looser even though you aren’t losing weight. Eventually, the weight will drop but it can take time. Don’t look to your scale as the only source of how well you are doing, track your progress through size if you need a number!


Start counting
Numbers don’t lie. It’s just that simple. If you eat a certain amount of calories and burn more than that amount, you WILL lose weight. Period. But, keep in mind, that muscle is more dense than fat. So if you gain a little weight, that CAN be a good thing. You WANT that toned, muscular look – don’t stop lifting weights. You continue to burn calories hours after you work out – consider it a perk! Just be aware that while you are burning fat, you will be gaining and building muscle.


Keep a journal
Whether it’s a photo journal or one you write out, start keeping a diary of your progress, what you like, your measurements, what clothes no longer fit, what you don’t like, how you are feeling, and so on. Being able to refer back to these notes will help give you a sense of accomplishment, even if you aren’t seeing it just yet.


Keep a clothes graveyard
Make a pile or special place in your closet to collect the items that just don’t fit you anymore. Watching this collection of clothing get bigger and bigger each week will push you to keep going! Pretty soon, you will be donating those clothes and going shopping for smaller sizes!


Above all, remember that it took YEARS to get where you are and it’s going to take some time to get where you WANT to be.

Be patient with yourself and remind yourself that this is NOT a quick fix but a life change that will help you to live longer and look better!

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