Beachbody Ultimate Reset Review & Results


Hey everyone! So we got a little sidetracked on doing our videos as consistently as we wanted to, but we had to wrap up our final thoughts on the Ultimate Reset. In case you missed our video, here it is! Sommer: It was just what I needed and one of the best experiences I ever […]

How to Create a Meal Plan


I like to eat! I also like to plan. Combine those two things and you’ve got a meal plan that works for our family and can easily work for yours. So many people when they first start out get overwhelmed with thinking about how to eat healthy, stay focused and feed their families. I hear […]

My Personal Workout Schedule Each Morning


If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll see me updating my status a lot, usually about my kids and my busy daily routine. It might seem like I’m stretched a little thin for time, but who isn’t? We all have busy seasons and with kids, it’s like one long busy season. Love my kids. Love […]

A Mom’s Guide to Working Out & Eating Healthy

There is no perfect. There, I said it. I’ve put it out there. I know we’ve all heard that before, but do we really believe it? There are so many things out there telling us what our “normal” should look like & function like, that it can mess with our minds as moms from time […]

Jen’s 30 Day Shakeology Success Story


Name: Jen Sayles Program: Shakeology Pounds Lost: 23 Time: 30 days…I know, AMAZING Inches Lost: Waist: 4”    Hips: 3” Biggest Challenge: Long hours at work, “no time” for workouts, no motivation to make changes. Key To Success: Surrounding myself with people who support me and my goals My Story My name is Jen and I […]

Top Tips for Finding Time To Exercise


Finding Time to Exercise I know finding time to exercise can fall to the wayside in the midst of grocery shopping, cleaning, working, paying the bills and being your child’s personal assistant…just to name a few. There is no doubt that you are busy and you are tired, but exercise is a must…there’s no weight […]