Rice Krispies Treats Candy Corn Recipe

Rice Krispies Treats (R) Candy Corn

We had a date night last week at our house and my mom came over to watch the kids. When we got home we found this little creation on the counter and YOU KNOW I had a bite! I thought this was the cutest idea and everyone loves a Rice Krispies treat, right? You can […]

Shakeology Ice Cream

Shakeology Ice Cream

I kept seeing Shakeology Ice Cream posted on Facebook by Tami French (a awesome beachbody coach and former military wife).  She just raves about so I decided to try it when I was having one of my ice cream attacks.  One word – GLORIOUS!!!  You have got to try it! Shakeology Ice Cream Recipe Ingredients: […]

Bloomin Baked Apples


This is one of those things you find on Pinterest and can’t stop thinning about until you make them. While we didn’t get to go apple picking this year, Fall fever has hit and even though I’m not bundled up in sweaters and boots, we had to give it a try! I posted these Bloomin Baked […]

Monkey Rice Cakes


Monkey Rice Cakes Real quick guys! Here is a great snack my family and I love. They are in my belly in under 30 seconds and the plus is that the kids LOVE them! Super healthy, great proteins and carbs. The best part – 1 minute to make! Monkey Cakes Recipe Type: Snack Author: Sommer […]

Grammy’s No Fail Dairy Free Fudge


For lots of us, the holidays are a great time, but when it comes to treats, if you have any allergies like me  dairy free (plus no soy or gluten) it can be tough to find something that actually tastes good that fits with the holiday festivities. Last week my mom made some amazing fudge […]

Healthy Gluten Free Pancakes

Healthy Pancakes

Oh my gosh you guys, I have to share this awesome EASY HEALTHY pancake recipe…is that even possible and still taste good? YES! I know, I was surprised too but the kids gobbled it all up and it was the best 350 calories my lips have tasted in a long time. Here is the original […]

Breakfast Egg Muffin Cups To-Go

Breakfast Egg Muffins

Breakfast Egg Muffin Cups To-Go We love this in our house! They are my FAVORITE go-to snack and they also can make a great breakfast on the run! Throw a couple in a baggie and they make excellent snacks for anyone as you get to your football games and extracurricular family activities. Super easy to […]

The Ultimate Reset Diet

Ultimate Reset Diet

Hey everyone! Most of you know that we were doing the Ultimate Reset in our house and now that it’s over, I’m so excited to share the results and our thoughts with you! Look for another post this week documenting some of the things we liked about it, didn’t care for and our before and […]