Beachbody Ultimate Reset Review & Results


Hey everyone! So we got a little sidetracked on doing our videos as consistently as we wanted to, but we had to wrap up our final thoughts on the Ultimate Reset. In case you missed our video, here it is! Sommer: It was just what I needed and one of the best experiences I ever […]

Dream Big & Ask for Support!

When you’re working towards goals, whether personal or professional in nature, having a support system is so important in the process. However, sometimes it’s hard to ask for help. Help can mean accountability, encouragement, or even an extra team member to help you achieve success by taking things off your plate. Running a business while […]

Kelly’s P90X Results


Name: Kelly Rodenhouse Programs: P90x, INSANITY and Shakeology Biggest challenge: Believing in myself Key to success: Support on the private Facebook Challenge Groups and Shakeology! Measurements starting: waist: 31.5 inches. hips: 44.75 inches. arms: 12.5 inches. legs: 27 inches.  bust:  37.5 Measurements ending: waist: 29.75 inches. hips: 42 inches. arms: 12 inches. legs: 25.5 inches.  […]

Kimmie’s ChaLean Extreme Results Success Story


Name: Kimmie Scott Program: Shakeology and ChaLean Extreme Pounds Lost: 20lbs Pant Size Difference: Size 9 to a size 2!!! Biggest Challenge: Finding the energy and being a “single mom” while my husband was gone Key to Success: my amazing support system…between my husband, my coach and fellow challengers My Chalean Extreme Results Success Story Growing up […]

Jen’s 30 Day Shakeology Success Story


Name: Jen Sayles Program: Shakeology Pounds Lost: 23 Time: 30 days…I know, AMAZING Inches Lost: Waist: 4”    Hips: 3” Biggest Challenge: Long hours at work, “no time” for workouts, no motivation to make changes. Key To Success: Surrounding myself with people who support me and my goals My Story My name is Jen and I […]

Amy Kinard’s Rockin’ Body and ChaLean Extreme Results

Amy Scott Kinard Before and After

Name: Amy Kinard Age: 31 Program: Rockin’ Body and ChaLEAN Extreme Body Fat % Lost: 7% Total Inches lost: 21.8 total Total Pounds Lost: 19 lbs Pant sizes lost: 3 Biggest Challenge: Stay at home mom/deployed spouse trying to balance it all and put me first! Key to success: accountability and meal planning I signed up for a challenge alongside my […]