My Pregnancy Nutrition Struggles


Second Trimester already?!? Time Flies when you’re having fun!! No, not really! I tell you what, I do not remember being this absolutely exhausted with the other two pregnancies. And the constant nausea, REALLY?!?!  Chad swears I had this with Riley. Good thing I have a short term memory or there wouldn’t be a number […]

Erin’s Insanity and PUMP story


Name: Erin Schaefer Age: 32 Program: Insanity and PUMP Body Fat % Lost: 16% Inches lost: 14 waist, 12 hips Start Weight: 156 End Weight: 114 Pounds Lost: 42 pounds Biggest Challenge: Busy mom of 3, working full time, tough finding time to schedule my workouts Key to success: accountability and meal planning Being involved […]

Jamie’s Insanity Results


Name: Jamie Boyer Age: 31 Program: Insanity Weight Loss: 26lbs total…9lbs from Insanity! I started the program about 4 months after having my sweet baby boy! Starting weight: 131…114 the day I started Insanity Biggest Challenge: Having enough energy and time to workout every day. Keys to success: Commitment, Shakeology and pushing play each and […]

More Than A Vacation


As I sit here in the airport on the way to the Bahamas I can’t help think about how this journey has unfolded.  I honestly think things happen for a reason.  Don’t be fooled though, I haven’t always felt that way and I definitely fought God’s plan for a long time. Looking back I can […]

Erin’s Insanity Results


Name:  Erin Fields Program: Insanity Weight Lost:  4 pounds Starting weight: 147 Biggest Challenge:  Making a habit of getting up every morning to push play. Keys to success: Keep pushing, Shakeology, and support from others.   My Story I have always been an active person. In high school I participated in volleyball, basketball, track, and […]

Rebekah’s Impact


I honestly don’t think anything happens by chance.  Every day I think about how this girl was put in my life for a reason. He knew I needed a push partner…someone that expected more out of me.  The impact this girl has had on me as a person, when it comes to fitness and spiritually […]

Chastidy’s Amazing Results with Shakeology


Name:Chastidy Washausen Program: Shakeology-currently halfway through Insanity Weight Lost: 20lbs with Shakeology and spuradic workouts.  Down an addition 8lbs 4 weeks into Insanity Starting weight:147lbs Current weight: 119lbs starting measurements: waist: 33 in. hips: 36 in. arms: 11.5 in. legs: 22 in. current measurments: waist 26.5 in. hips: 31 in. arms: 9 in. legs: 19.5 […]

Rebekah’s Baby to ChaLean to P90X Story


Name: Rebekah Bain Program: ChaLean Extreme and then P90X Weight Lost: 15 pounds…gained over 8 pounds of muscle…CRAZY!!! Inches Lost: Dropped 3 pant sizes Pushups: starting: 20, ending 50 Pullups: starting 9 (after ChaLean), ending 15 (all unassisted) Biggest Challenge: waking up early to workout with an infant that still wakes several times a night […]