What YOU Need To Know About Personal Development

What YOU Need To Know About Personal Development - Sommer Tucker Fitness Personal Development Specialist

What makes personal development such a huge component of everything in your life? Since I’m cooking dinner while I film this video, I might even use the catchy phrase, “You are what you eat,” because this is soul food I’m dishing out. The minute I heard the concept I’m going to drive home for you […]

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Addressing the issue of feeling “salesy” Binder Organizations (used to keep track of 10 day challengers, small group challengers and coaches) Follow ups system with note cards How To Set Up Your 10 Day Challenge What Your Business Why Low Down on the “Like” Page Building Your Business on Facebook Using the Slight Edge How […]

P90X Results Week 1

  WOW…week 1 is already out of the way and let me tell you what, I am definitely ready for my “off” day tomorrow.  This almost 30 year old body is SORE!!!!  I’m not going to lie, I didn’t enjoy every second of my workouts this week.  I am definitely used to a much faster […]

7171 Mile Fitness Challenge

February is a very exciting month in the Tucker house. February means we are over half way and we only have 90 days until Chad comes home!!!!  So, to keep us connected, to give us something to work toward together, and to make sure we are both smokin’ hot when he returns, Chad and I […]

Must Have Heart

With Christmas nearing I thought this to only be appropriate to post. The holidays are really not about the food or all the presents…that has really got out of hand anyhow.  It’s about family, and being thankful for what we have been blessed with.  I know Sommer wishes I would walk through that door on […]

Where’s my Shakeology?

Where is my Shakeology?!?!?!  Stuck somewhere between here and the states, I guess. Everyday I realize how much I have taken things for granted but I never dreamt in a million years that I would miss my daily glass of awesomeness so much. Four weeks ago I ignored Sommer’s plea for me to stash some […]

Dream Big!

Some time ago I was on a Beachbody coach call that had a profound effect on me. Two of our most successful coaches were talking about how they achieved things that they never thought possible as Beachbody coaches.  It just so happened that they are a husband/wife team just like Chad and I…they were also […]

Build Your Own Success Club

After a crazy two weeks in Ohio, I am finally back in North Carolina.  I will tell you what, that place is on fire when it comes to fitness, a commitment to get healthy, and fighting this obesity epidemic…better be, they are the 13th most obese state!  Originally, I travelled back to Ohio for a […]