Dream Big & Ask for Support!

When you’re working towards goals, whether personal or professional in nature, having a support system is so important in the process. However, sometimes it’s hard to ask for help.

Help can mean accountability, encouragement, or even an extra team member to help you achieve success by taking things off your plate.

Running a business while being a full time military wife and mom has taught me a lot about balance, lack of sleep, goal setting, schedules, and support. You can’t do it alone! Believe me, I have tried. And I usually just end up with my Supermom cape caught in the car door…haha!

What About You?

What kind of goals are you setting for yourself? Are you dreaming big enough? Or are you just settling? They say if your goals don’t scare you, then they aren’t big enough. I agree 100%. But, they should excite you and not paralyze you.

Things You Should Know When You’re Dreaming Big

  • Just make sure that you remember, you WILL have to put in the work!
  • Set a goal that’s CHALLENGING & EXCITING to you.
  • Share it with someone you trust that will encourage you.
  • Ask for help when you need it!

As moms, many times we think we have it all handled, because it’s just easier to struggle at times, than it is to change your ‘normal.’ If you want to see a change, be that change!

One of the best things I did for my business and my family was asking for help. I run my business, I manage the household, and I invest in my relationships, but not all by myself. Building a team is key to reaching your goals.

You team member doesn’t necessarily have to be an employee, although they could be if that’s what you need. A team member is someone that’s got your back, is supportive of the same goals and will push you to be better. They are also a person you can go to when you need help.

Finish the sentence, “I Need Help With…”

  • Putting together a workout schedule I can stick with.
  • A daily routine that works for my family.
  • How to run my business and manage my family.
  • Finding simple meals that will keep me on track with my fitness goals.
  • Accountability. Where can I find a group?
  • Getting started and setting some new goals.

Your “help with” reason might not be listed above, but chances are someone out there has struggled the same struggle, is there to listen, support and keep you on track and even push you forward while you might not feel like sticking with it. What I want you to know is that there are other people out there waiting to be your support…you just have to ask!

Do you need help setting goals, putting together a dream board or asking for help? I’d love to help! Feel free to leave a comment or send me a message.

In the meantime, dream big!

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