Getting your kids on board with healthy eating!

Ever try to get one of your kids to eat healthier and it’s like pulling teeth??


Getting your kid to eat just ONE bite of that little broccoli tree or just TRY the avocado can feel like an all out battle some days.


And then there’s us.. just trying to reach our goals.


Making three different dinners for one family has become the norm for so many parents these days. It’s just easier to NOT hear the moans and groans, and to have the peace of mind that everyone has full tummies.


But we all know that’s nowhere near convenient!


So what do you when you want to get everyone in the family on board with eating healthy?

Here are a few things we have done to encourage healthy habits in our home. :)


Start slowly: It’s important to start eating healthy slowly. Don’t throw out all of the foods they are used to – start adding to and slowly replacing and substituting foods. Baked chips for fried, rotisserie chicken for fried, there are so many options, let them sort of guide you down the path of how slow or quickly you should change their diets.


Plan out your own food: Yep. Sit down together and plan out a meal – choose favorite meals and think of healthy alternatives that can add good for you ingredients. They want pasta? How about some pureed carrots in the sauce? Or swapping out the white pasta for wheat? Let them know how this allows them to have their planned family favorite, with a twist. Small little changes that they can get excited about.


Offer incentives: Have little ones who automatically say no to the mention of a healthy option they haven’t even tried?? How about a movie with mom and dad for being willing to try a new veggie that week.


Get the fridge in it: A “photo” journal on the fridge! Feature whomever selected and/or helped cook the dinner and make a big deal out of it! Let them get excited about the positive praise and recognition for making this a part of their life as well. What kid doesn’t like praise, right??

Sometimes it takes small steps in order to get them on board but I’m telling you, they all add up in time!!


What step are you going to try this week? Come on over to my Facebook Page and tell me about it!!

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