Getting Your Kids to Eat Healthier (and yes, it CAN be done!)

We’ve all been there… that moment when you find those veggies you just made squished in the high chair seat or hidden in a napkin ball next to the plate that was “all done” just a few minutes before.

The surprises of motherhood right? ;)

When it comes to eating healthier, most kids (as my doctor would tell me at each visit) go through phases and just do not WANT to eat fruits and veggies – so like the old saying goes “You can lead a horse to water…”

Well… I took a little different approach in order to get my picky kids on the right track by implementing just a few little creative (and sometimes sneaky haha) ways to get those vitamins and nutrients into those growing bodies.



Here’s some that have been working great!

1. Sneaky, Sneaky

Yep, it’s exactly what you are thinking – I saw a mom straining freshly ground spinach into her daughters chocolate milk a few months ago and she was never the wiser! Even though it’s chopped and strained, it’s STILL fresh veggies! You can also try steaming carrots, mashing them up really well and stirring just the right amount into pizza sauce and spaghetti sauce. This works great in our house! Get creative, but warning, do it a little at a time – these guys can catch on quick and when they do, they may abandon that food altogether!

2. Rewarding

Try planning a fun family activity for after dinner. Having this “trophy” at the finish line keeps them eating happily and keeps you from having to play food warden. Whether it’s extra story time or getting to play their favorite game.. find something they see the value in and want to be rewarded with. Riley is all about nail polish so that’s a great reward for her. :) Then make sure they know why it’s important to fuel their bodies as the true reward.

3. Let Them Cook!

When you teach your kids to cook and give them a little control over what goes into their mouths, it’s like a whole new world has opened up! Let your kids choose their own diner every once in a while – let them help cook too – it’s a great family activity and they get rewarded with good food AND boosted self esteem.

4. “Courtesy Bites”

Last, but not least, no matter what is on their plate, they HAVE to take one little courtesy bite. If they don’t like it, then they can put it back on the plate and say they are done, but every now and then, you’ll hit the jackpot and they will try something that tickles their taste buds which is well worth the time spent cooking.

Above all, keep it FUN along the way. Don’t be afraid to try different things and see what works best for your little ones. You just may be surprised of the outcome! :)

Do you have a tip that has worked well for you? Come on over to my FB page HERE and tell me about it!

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