Is LESS actually MORE when reaching your goals?

Can you think of ONE bored mom? I truthfully have racked my brain for days trying to think of the last mom I know who just could not find anything to do! Why is this?

I truly believe that throughout time, moms have taken more and more on themselves. Is it out of guilt or pressure to just be better? Every mom wants the very best for their children and maybe we have equated more – doing more, having more, etc. – with “better”. We hear “less is more” and while it SOUNDS good, most of us don’t believe it.

I know my experience with my own kids has been that anytime they are overwhelmed, especially at holidays, with “more” (gifts, candy, stimulation) the worse they behave and the more they lose sight of an appreciation for what they have.

This example of less is more has driven me to look at my own life and simplify. One of the best feelings in the world to me, and many others I know, is to purge! Not food, of course, but just STUFF!

When you scale down and simplify, there is just no feeling like it in the world! Getting rid of clutter and things you don’t need and giving yourself and your family room to just move and breathe is incomparable. It’s the same with nutrition in many ways. Simplifying your foods just gives you an entirely new appreciation for flavor, without all of the spice and processed confusion.

You actually feel better because your body has less to breakdown. Your brain can actually focus!

Exercise can also be simplified in the same way. You don’t need fancy gym equipment or the latest gadgets to get healthy. Doing what the body was made to do – walking, running, stretching – can be just as effective.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with “junk” you don’t need – it’s time to declutter and simplify! If you need inspiration, look to your kids, the little guys who are just as happy playing with a cardboard box as they are with a room full of toys!

Use Ollie here as an example…. he will have a field day in this basket before touching his toys. Imagine if as adults we kept that same simplicity in life our children do??




What steps are you looking to make to SIMPLIFY in your life? Come on over to my FB PAGE HERE and tell me about it! We can cheer each other on!

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