Must Have Heart

With Christmas nearing I thought this to only be appropriate to post. The holidays are really not about the food or all the presents…that has really got out of hand anyhow.  It’s about family, and being thankful for what we have been blessed with.  I know Sommer wishes I would walk through that door on Christmas day.  She would take all those presents back to get that one gift. 

See, everything Sommer does revolves around our family and embarking on this Beachbody Business opportunity is no different.  Yes, without a doubt, health and fitness is her passion and she believes in the Beachbody mission with all her heart. She is always saying she can’t believe she gets paid to do this. Still, there is something deeper that drives her.  There is something that keeps her moving forward when she encounters naysayers, or when she flat-out gets burned.

One time, Sommer was asked what her ‘why’ was.  Why does she put those extra hours in at night, working to build her business, striving to help people reach their fitness goals when her eyes are burning, the dishes still need done, and she could be relaxing watching Grey’s Anatomy.  Yes, the nice new granite counter tops are awesome and she loves the home improvements we have been able to afford because of Beachbody, but that’s not her why.  A true ‘why’ is the reason you would run into a burning house. She wouldn’t run in for countertops or the new flat screen, but she wouldn’t hesitate to run in for that little boy or precious baby girl, that she loves with all her heart.  Get the picture?!?!

So, a couple weeks ago, Sommer sent this out to her team of Beachbody Coaches hoping it would help them find that deep inner ‘why’.  That ‘why’ that helps them to step outside their comfort zone and reach out to help others.  I thought it should be shared with everyone thinking it just might help you think about your true ‘why’.

She wrote…

Two months ago I had to say goodbye to my very best friend (many of you know how that feels).  What hurt even more was watching Griffin say goodbye to his daddy and watching Chad hug his little girl that hasn’t even had a chance to experience how amazing her daddy is.

Every day I sit here trying to stay busy enough as not to think about how much I miss him, look strong enough so people don’t feel sorry for me and I fall asleep hoping tomorrow goes faster than the day before. While I am so incredibly proud of our military and the sacrifices the families make so that we can live in such an amazing country, I know deep down that I want Chad all to myself after his commitment is up.  I want to walk our kids to school together, eat breakfast with him every morning (not at 4:30am), I want to decorate the Christmas tree together, have date night every friday night, open a gym together, go to every sporting event for our kids together and make a home that our kids truly can call home.

So, I work a couple hours each night,I  keep sharing this opportunity that I believe in with all my heart even when someone says “no” because I never want money to be the issue.  I want to make enough so we can make a decision based on what is in our heart. So, my simple ‘WHY’ is my family, but it goes much deeper than that. I would run into a burning house to never have to hear my son say “do you think daddy dreams about me at night”, and to never have to see the sadness in Chad’s face like the day he watched Riley dig into her cake on her first birthday from a computer.  It’s selfish, I know, but that is my WHY.”

Sommer puts a lot of heart in everything she does.  Whenever I ask her how to reach out to people she says “just show them your heart”. I have no doubt that Sommer will blow her goals out of the water…because her ‘why’ is deep seated in her heart.  I am a firm believer that to be successful at something, you MUST HAVE HEART.

Merry Christmas, everyone.  Hold on to your family with all your HEART!


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