Overcoming “ Mom Guilt ”

Every mother that reads this knows exactly what I’m talking about when I say ” mom guilt “.

It’s that never ending, nagging voice inside your head that is instantly implanted in your brain as soon as your child breathes their very first breath.

You know the one!

That voice that constantly haunts you whenever you even THINK about doing something for yourself. From eating a cookie without offering your kids one to peeing alone while your children are begging to get into the bathroom – there’s just no mercy for a mom sometimes.


So how do you combat this relentless voice when you want to – dare I say it – get fit!?

That’s right, the selfish side of you is shaking it’s head and trying to make you feel bad for even THINKING about spending thirty minutes alone or buying food without cartoon characters on it.


Here’s the thing though… the only way to ensure that you are able to take care of your family is to take care of yourself. Yes, YOU.

If you are out of commission, the family loses their key member. All “you know what” breaks loose when mom is not around, so imagine if you were in the hospital or sick for an extended period of time, what would your family do?

I don’t mean to say this to scare you but I want you to hear the truth… it is VITAL to take care of you first in order to care for your family.


Think about it… setting an example for your children by eating right and exercising can change the course of generations to come. YOU can alter the track that your kids are on by simply teaching them, through your actions, how to live healthy.

You aren’t just getting fit for you but your kids and those you take care of. Showing your children that staying in shape is priority is a great way to also give yourself peace of mind about your kids future – what better gift can you give your children?

So the next time that voice starts attacking your intentions and making you feel guilty, squash it!

Make a list of why and who you are getting healthy for.

Make YOU a priority and your family will thank you for it!



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