Reach out to the Boston Community

Community is something you can’t buy, bribe or borrow. It’s the authentic people that surround us when it’s most needed. I can honestly say the community of people that supports my family and me are gold. So, when I heard about the Boston Marathon bombing yesterday afternoon, I couldn’t sit back and not at least reach out (via blog) and at least give people the opportunity to support those lives affected.

The Details

On Monday April 15, 2 bombs went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Police and authorities are searching the Greater Boston Area for more explosive devices. More details I’m sure will continue to be released in the days to come.

Make a Donation

  • The Red Cross already has enough blood donations, but is taking monetary donations.

Staying Up-To-Date

  • Social media also helps us stay current on needs for the Red Cross. You can find the Red Cross on Twitter <–here.

Red Cross

  • Google has responded by creating a special Person Finder that can provide updates on many runners, volunteers, and people in the area.
  • Twitter has the hashtag #bostonmarathon tracking the updates to the story, although everyone is allowed to this hastag, so please verify details.
  • CNN also has a LIVE BLOG they are updating constantly.

Lost & Found

  • You can also search for a loved one on the registry during any disaster. Click Search Registrants and enter the person’s name & phone number OR address.
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