The Secret to Six Figure Success

The Secret to Six-Figure Success

You know when you I first started this business I had lots of people tell me it was a scam or that what I was doing wasn’t something they could jump on board with. It’s always a bit of a risk starting something new and I think in the beginning stages, whether it’s a personal goal or professional one, whatever you definition of success is someone is going to knock it; especially if it’s new to them.

The Secret to Six Figure Success – How Do I Start Making All The Monies?

First, let’s just get this on the table…it’s not about the money for me. It has never been. I had a goal to replace my husbands income that I spoke about in this post in detail on WHY I do what I do. For a while, I didn’t know about different communication styles or why someone would respond how they did, but after hours and countless personal development books later…plus some rockin’ GEM seminars by Dani Johnson, it all started to click. Successful people, in general, in life, learned a secret that we all have access to, but few utilize in our relationships. It’s an intentional thing…something that can be a struggle sometimes, but this this is so important, without it, we’re just noise.

Thrive or Survive – You Choose

There are some excelling in the business. There are also those that are struggling. I believe both are a choice. I get asked a lot by people how I do what I do and I’ll tell you it’s not overnight that you reach your goals and it’s not without struggle and sacrifice and hard work. I’ll also say it’s a lot of fun if you’re doing it for the right reasons.

Questions I’m frequently asked as a coach, are:

  • How can I make a full-time income on part-time hours?
  • How can I grow my business from the ground up?
  • How can I excel at running challenge groups each month?
  • How can I hit Success Club 5 or SC10…when I don’t know people?

Your definition of success can be different…it doesn’t matter what your WHY is, my secret works for anyone and any goal.

First…Find Your Why. Whether it’s:

  • You’re fulfilled at the end of the day
  • A 6-figure income
  • Extra family vacation money
  • Bringing your soldier home

What’s the Ticket to Success?


I know, simple, right? You thought you were going to get more out of me in this post. Haha Sorry to disappoint. But really…this is the secret sauce and here’s why. When I tell my coaches to listen to their challengers, it’s not just to take notes. Listening so that a piece of you identifies so deeply with their story, their why that it’s equal to yours is the goal. That can be really hard sometimes, but in essence, identify equally with their WHY as you do yours will push you to care about them over your own goals. Finding what makes them tick and helping them achieve success, will make you successful.

Why Will This Deliver Results?

When you listen and take notes on someone with the goal of selling them a on a product, a shake, or to further your business, it becomes about you, not them. If we’re so focused on us we push push push until that person backs away.

I had a great conversation with a friend of mine who just had a baby. She’s a coach and I had sent her some chocolate covered strawberries as a congratulations gift. Now, I could have looked at her business center since she’s one of my personal coaches and said, “Hey, let’s get rolling again. You need to hit SC5 this month and get challengers in these groups girl.” What do you think would have happened? I DID asked her what she would have done if I said that to her. Her response was one that I think many people have.

“I would have just started to back away and not respond to you. I’m tired and not sleeping through the night with a newborn…instead….those strawberries were the most exciting part of my day and a much needed in-home date night for me and my husband. I woke up feeling energized to start working out again once I’m cleared the next morning.”


If we stop and listen to where people are at in the season of life, we can start to give and that giving will return a relationship that WANTS to be invested in. Personal and professionally. This works all around! :) People are people. I tell my coaches this. These people are not your bonus cycle check! If you treat them like that, it will stunt the growth of your relationships and your business. It goes hand-in-hand.

This life is about getting to know people. It takes time. Be patient! You have to CARE about people as people. Just like a real relationship. Oh wait…it is one! If people feel misunderstood or ignored, they feel discouraged and alone.

The Top 4 Coaching Secrets to Success for My Team

  1. Be an encourager
  2. Be a listener
  3. Continue to develop the relationship
  4. Don’t stop doing 1-3

If you help people reach their goals, it will grow your business. This business is about time and relationships. It is bigger than a paycheck. You’re building a legacy! What’s yours and what are running towards?

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