Secrets of an Elite Beachbody Coach – My Passion, My WHY & Achieving Success


Last year was an incredible year. It had it’s ups and downs just like everybody else, but for my business and with Beachbody, I can say I’m proud of what I achieved. In 2012 I was listed as an Elite Beachbody Coach (#39 out of 100,000 to be exact) and I wanted to share with you some of my journey. The dedication truly paid off!

Secrets of an Elite Beachbody Coach

There are a lot of people that would like to know the “secret” to achieving Elite coaching status. I’m here to share with you my thoughts, but they aren’t really secrets. They’re everyday things you can do to achieve your goals.

Whether it be in family, business or personal, or all 3, these so-called “secrets” will support any goal you set in front of you. I guess what I’m trying to say is, “The secret to achieving success isn’t really a secret.”

The Impact

I’m no different than any other mom. I have a crazy schedule, busy bodies running around my house, a husband who is deployed. I’m busy and my guess is, so are you!

Some success stories from my coaches:

  • Able to go on vacations
  • Buy new cars when needed
  • Support family achievements
  • Stress reduced on family budgets
  • Quality of life
  • Kids activity investments

I have a coach that is able to send her kids to a great school because she was able to achieve success by helping others set goals and achieve great things in their life. Sometimes this can sound too good to be true.  But, when you change someone’s life for the better, it’s a ripple effect. Not just financially, but emotionally and physically.

How Do I Start Impacting Lives?

  • Make a commitment to grow your business and change lives day in and day out. No excuses!

What’s Your Motivation?

For me, my motivation is my WHY – I have a very strong WHY!

To watch my 4-year-old wave goodbye to his Dad taxiing down the runway for deployment and watch a tear roll down his cheek is something I’ll never forget. I’ll never forget those feelings. I kne


w I had the ability to make good, positive changes for our family and so I defined my WHY.

  • Bring my husband home!
  • Make a difference in my family’s life!
  • Build the best business I’m capable of building.
  • Build it with heart and passion!

Quick, Actionable Steps

  • Develop your WHY – What drives you? What do you believe in? People will tell you no and other’s won’t believe in you, but your WHY has got to be strong enough to withstand that.
  • Believe in yourself and what you have to offer people.
  • The Individual Coach is the Gift – Products are great, but you, as a coach, have such an ability to help people & change their lives! How they feel about themselves will impact their entire life.
  • Think about what do you have to offer that can HAVE that big of an impact.
  • Share it every day, with integrity.

Business Tips

  • Treat your business like a business. This isn’t a hobby! Open it like a business. Share it like a business. Market it like a business.
  • Shut your mouth, open your ears, and listen to what people need. We’re not selling anything. We’re a problem solver!
  • Set goals and put them to paper. Make them measurable.
  • Create a vision. What do you want your life to look like? See it. Taste it. Feel it.
  • Refuse to give up! Believe in what you’re doing so much that you refuse to give up. Success depends on you. It sits on your shoulders. It’s up to me to get up early; it’s up to me to reach out. I was scared and didn’t want to be rejected. But I did it.
  • Work on yourself! You can’t help others if you don’t invest in you. You need to inspire people. Lead by example. Share your journey in a genuine way like a real person. We’re all normal people.
  • Work on the little things – Small things add up over time. It’s not about working on a big project. It’s opening your doors and doing the little things that make a big impact.
  • Build your relationships – Spend time building relationships with genuine trust! You’re going to help people, but they have to trust you.
  • Step outside your comfort zone every day! – The best things happen 2-3 steps outside of your comfort zone.
  • Have Courage!
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