Sticking to Your Goals When You’re in the Middle of a Big Move

We finally did it, we went into contract for a new home!

The kicker is that this house is not down the road, across town or even in the next state – this one is across… the country. Yep, back to the East Coast for the Tucker crew!

Chad and I both grew up in Ohio but with military life, let’s just say that we have been able to see A LOT of the country within the last decade! ;) However, the day I always dreamed of… us being a family together FULL-TIME is on the way as Chad prepares to retire from the military and our family begins to build solid roots in one place.

Watch out South Carolina!




Here’s what brings me back to you though… we all experience a big move at one point in our life. And typically, people tend to throw their healthy goals out the window because it’s too overwhelming.

I want to help ease that for you today.

Anytime you are making a long trip or find yourself overwhelmed by certain moments in life, stay calm and just, well, take notes!

Write it Out

Put your plans on paper. It’s been proven that simply writing down thoughts and plans actually frees up brain space, it literally puts your mind at ease and now you have a reference to consult when you need reassurance and direction. It sounds weird but trust me, it works!

Keeping Healthy

On the never ending road surrounded by never ending restaurants, you will eventually need to figure out how to stay healthy while traveling and living life in the road. The same goes for moving into a house the kitchen isn’t finished in yet!

Keep a log of your daily food intake and calories – this will help keep yourself in check. Take regularly scheduled breaks as well. Map out each state’s or towns unique sites or fun things to do in your new town or city. Keep your exercises interesting by collecting a photo journal of push-ups under the Pennsylvania sign and squats in South Carolina. You get the picture!


Finally, during any super hectic time in life, just breathe. Sounds too easy to be true, but ask yourself how the rat race pace is going…

Remember, the healthy journey of a lifetime begins with one step. Focus on the marathon over the sprint and enjoy these life changing moments for exactly what they are… an opportunity to learn and grow and learn in life.

DO you have a big move coming up?  Come on over to my FB PAGE HERE and tell me about it!

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