Tackling Life, Stress, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Sometimes, life just seems to take over. It’s been that way at my house for a while now and there are days (most of them) that are just plain exhausting. With 3 little ones, a husband who is on tour, and a recent move, my mind is tired. Most nights someone is up and I’m tending to others’ needs, which I’m glad I’m there to do, but some nights…I just want some sleep a full 8 hours. Can I get an “Amen!” from the other moms out there?

In the same thought, I also realize how incredibly blessed I am. Something that allows me to keep going, is my WHY.

Sommer Tucker WHY

My WHY is my family.  With deployment in full effect, I have never been so sure of my WHY. I do what I do so that one day, we can be “financially independent” of the military.

  • I dream of one day watching Chad (my husband) walk both of our kids to school every day like the picture on my “Dream Board”.
  • I dream of family vacations without having to ask for “leave” or working around “work-ups” and “deployments”.
  • I dream of tailgating at the OSU football games with my favorite football fan.
  • I dream of waking up next to him every day and kissing him goodnight every night.
  • I dream of a day when our family can come first…that’s why a picture of our family is positioned front and center on my dream board.

This is why I’m up at 6am after a long night with the kids to tackle my to-do list and write out some goals! Writing my goals always get me fired up! It’s gonna be a good day!

I encourage you to make a dream board! Need help on how to start?
Send me a quick note!

Is your day, week, or month, daunting to you? Life in general can set a tone with all the activities that demand our attention. I’m here to say, stay focused, clear your head, and breathe through it!

Here are some tangible steps you can take to get you started:

Focus: Set clear goals & to do’s daily/weekly – this will help you stay focused.

  • Set yourself up for success.  Don’t try to do everything at once.
  • Learn to say “No” – one of the biggest contributors to stress is that we try to do everything. Don’t do it. Set your priorities and go.

Clear Your Head – Get your exercise in! Go for a walk. Grab a coffee (or a tea in my case). Set a workout date with a friend. Studies show exercise & accountability makes people more productive and reduces stress.

Breathing through it – like any good workout, there are times when you feel like you can’t go anymore. Push yourself. You’re strong and you have the ability to speak positive thoughts into yourself.

  • Attitude – Don’t beat yourself up. For example: It’s hard for me to be somewhere on time. I could sit and dwell on that fact or I could do the best I can and work towards a goal of being 5 minutes earlier than the last. I might not make it every time, but that’s okay!

Passion – Find something you’re passionate about! I love my challenge groups and my job. It inspires me, motivates me, and challenges me. This keeps my mind healthy and happy.

I’d love to answer any questions about my schedule, my dream board, setting goals or anything else you’d like to chat about!
Leave a comment below if you’d like.
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