Are You A Prisoner In Your Own Body?

Are you a prisoner in your own body? - Sommer Tucker Fitness

  Do you ever feel like a prisoner in your own body? It’s a weird question, but hear me out. This weekend I was shocked when I put on these snow pants – I bought them just a year ago for the crazy weather we had in Virginia. I was shocked to see how loosely […]

Chad’s Current P90X Meal Plan…

Chad Marine P90X Meal Plan

Hey all, So, Sommer gave you all her meal plan a while ago and we have had a few people ask about my meal plan, so here it is…  Living with Sommer, I have had little choice to conform to a healthier way of eating. One, because of her stomach issues and two, just because […]

Meal Planning for the School Week

Getting in a routine again after the summer can be something that’s hard to conquer.  I know at times for our family we have so many things going on, it can seem impossible to get a healthy meal on the table, but I’m resolved to not let our schedules sabotage our eating habits. When the […]

How to Create a Meal Plan


I like to eat! I also like to plan. Combine those two things and you’ve got a meal plan that works for our family and can easily work for yours. So many people when they first start out get overwhelmed with thinking about how to eat healthy, stay focused and feed their families. I hear […]

My Meal Plan

So, people are always asking me,  “What do you eat during the day? What do you snack on?  What do you make for dinner?”  For those of you that know me know I’m a simple girl without much passion for the kitchen. We’ve all seen those healthy recipes that have a million ingredients and you […]

Snack your way Thin

This is where I have become pretty disciplined over the years. How many of you are guilty of grabbing a few goldfish from your kids plate, a handful of Teddy Grahams out of the cupboard or a bite of mac and cheese your little one left behind?!? That can easily add up to an extra […]