Are You A Prisoner In Your Own Body?

Are you a prisoner in your own body? - Sommer Tucker Fitness

  Do you ever feel like a prisoner in your own body? It’s a weird question, but hear me out. This weekend I was shocked when I put on these snow pants – I bought them just a year ago for the crazy weather we had in Virginia. I was shocked to see how loosely […]

The Secret To Burning More Calories!

The secret to burning more calories - Sommer Tucker Fitness

Psst…the secret to burning more calories and seeing huge body toning results is right here in this video. I’m going to tell you – post my own weight lifting workout – how to ignite your metabolism. Why does this message really matter? When we super charge our insides, we pave the way to do just […]

Kimmie’s ChaLean Extreme Results Success Story


Name: Kimmie Scott Program: Shakeology and ChaLean Extreme Pounds Lost: 20lbs Pant Size Difference: Size 9 to a size 2!!! Biggest Challenge: Finding the energy and being a “single mom” while my husband was gone Key to Success: my amazing support system…between my husband, my coach and fellow challengers My Chalean Extreme Results Success Story Growing up […]

Amy Kinard’s Rockin’ Body and ChaLean Extreme Results

Amy Scott Kinard Before and After

Name: Amy Kinard Age: 31 Program: Rockin’ Body and ChaLEAN Extreme Body Fat % Lost: 7% Total Inches lost: 21.8 total Total Pounds Lost: 19 lbs Pant sizes lost: 3 Biggest Challenge: Stay at home mom/deployed spouse trying to balance it all and put me first! Key to success: accountability and meal planning I signed up for a challenge alongside my […]

Rebekah’s Baby to ChaLean to P90X Story


Name: Rebekah Bain Program: ChaLean Extreme and then P90X Weight Lost: 15 pounds…gained over 8 pounds of muscle…CRAZY!!! Inches Lost: Dropped 3 pant sizes Pushups: starting: 20, ending 50 Pullups: starting 9 (after ChaLean), ending 15 (all unassisted) Biggest Challenge: waking up early to workout with an infant that still wakes several times a night […]

W.O.W#1 (Workout of the Week)

NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED! Complete each circuit with no rest inbetween each exercise.  Only 60 sec break between each circuit.  Feeling motivated…complete each circuit twice before moving on to the next. Circuit1 Reg squats (30sec- last 10sec add a small jump) Reg pushups (30 sec) Plank (30 sec) Mt. climbers from the plank (60sec) Circuit2 Wall […]