Are You A Prisoner In Your Own Body?

Are you a prisoner in your own body? - Sommer Tucker Fitness

  Do you ever feel like a prisoner in your own body? It’s a weird question, but hear me out. This weekend I was shocked when I put on these snow pants – I bought them just a year ago for the crazy weather we had in Virginia. I was shocked to see how loosely […]

Kelly’s P90X Results


Name: Kelly Rodenhouse Programs: P90x, INSANITY and Shakeology Biggest challenge: Believing in myself Key to success: Support on the private Facebook Challenge Groups and Shakeology! Measurements starting: waist: 31.5 inches. hips: 44.75 inches. arms: 12.5 inches. legs: 27 inches.  bust:  37.5 Measurements ending: waist: 29.75 inches. hips: 42 inches. arms: 12 inches. legs: 25.5 inches.  […]

Jessica’s INSANITY success story


Name: Jessica Briese Age: 22 Program: Insanity Body Fat % Lost: 5% Inches lost: 10.5 waist, 9 hips, 2.25 arms, 4.5 legs Pounds Lost: (43.6 total….20 from insanity!) Biggest Challenge: Craving and time…loves pizza, works full time and has a little boy Key to success: weekly goals and Shakeology to help with my cravings   […]

What If You Could Change Your Life


What if you could change your life in 90 days.  That’s exactly what I wanted to find out.  Eleven weeks ago when I started P90X I was happy with my body but not happy with my body…if that makes sense.  I guess I just didn’t feel 100% comfortable in my own skin.  Did you know […]

Cardio VS. Strength Training


Fact: Strength training, and even more specifically, circuit training is the most effective way to burn fat! Yes, research shows that cardio burns about 2 more calories per minute than strength training. However, unlike steady pace cardio, your body will continue to burn calories even after you’re done. In an effort to help your muscles […]

7171 Mile Fitness Challenge

February is a very exciting month in the Tucker house. February means we are over half way and we only have 90 days until Chad comes home!!!!  So, to keep us connected, to give us something to work toward together, and to make sure we are both smokin’ hot when he returns, Chad and I […]

The Skinny on Alcohol

I had a couple glasses of wine with a good friend last night.  Since I had a glass of wine the night before with a different friend, and I’m going to dinner with friends tonight in which we usually get a few drinks I got to thinking about how easily a few “harmless” drinks can […]