Three steps to take you from overwhelmed to successful in losing weight!

The journey of a lifetime starts with one step.

It’s a saying that we’ve all heard but until we have to take that “step”, it’s just an expression.

Oh, but that first step can be the most difficult without a doubt. Going out on a limb, wading into un chartered waters – that first step represents a change in life and most of us fear change. But there is power in that first step. YOU made the choice to take this step and have become the captain of your own destiny. It takes courage and bravery to make this step and sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by that. I know I have.

How do you find the motivation to overcome the feeling of overwhelm and start or restart this journey?

Here are three simple, but so crazy effective steps to take when that “first step” is feeling too big to take:

1) Accountability Partner/Group - We all need that shoulder to cry on, hand to high five and sympathetic ear, someone who can relate to what we are going through in the good times AND bad. Even now, I still stay accountable to both a partner AND those in my private online challenge groups because I know how powerful it truly is. If it wasn’t for this, I would have never made it past my first week… it’s life changing!es.


2) Plan Ahead – The big “O”, Organize! It’s f evenunny saying this because this has never been my strong point (ask Chad or any of my friends haha) BUT I am proof that it can be learned.:) I know, I know, it’s no fun and can be tough to do but soooo worth it in the long run! If you have your meals planned and set out for you so that they are easy to grab and go, you will avoid temptation around the clock. Stay ahead of the game and set aside some time each weekend (preferably before the kids get up) to plan out your week ahead when it comes to meals. You will thank yourself later!

Need a simple meal plan to get started? CLICK HERE for my free 5 Day Mom on the Go plan!

3) Reminders – WHY are you choosing to change your diet, fitness and life? Is it for your family? To bring back that confidence? To live longer? No matter what your reasons are, these need to remain at the forefront of this journey. Tape pictures up around the house, in your car and at work. Store it as the wallpaper on your cell phone. Leave yourself notes and encouraging words and watch just how much your mindset begins to change along the way.

It all starts with that first step and if you ask me, that’s where the true courage is.:)


Let’s talk about you! Have you used these three steps in your journey already? If not, are you willing to start? Come on over to my FB page HERE and tell me about it! We can cheer each other on!

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