What do you do when your friends & family don’t GET your healthy choices?

You’ve worked so hard.

Watching what you eat, passing on dessert, skipping events to exercise and more.

So you’d think that your friends and family would be bursting at the seams proud of you, watching you get healthy and feel great and maybe even doing it for themselves as well. But… that may not be what’s happening at all.

Instead, you may be getting somewhat of a cold and unexpected reception when it comes to your new and improved lifestyle.


Here’s the thing… change for the good and change for the worse can be hard to accept.

People get comfy and complacent and do not like change.

Even YOUR changes can somewhat interrupt someone else’s lifestyle. Whether it’s where you go out, your lack of availability or even denying them the pleasure of sharing a dessert, your new way of life can make those around you feel “not good enough”.

So what do you do about it?


Watch what you say.

Sometimes your unintentional updates can come off as bragging and no one likes that! Keep discussions to a minimum, don’t dominate talks and if asked, go for it – otherwise, moderate your new lifestyle talk to those who are also on this journey with you.


Pay attention to reactions.

Try to pay attention to how people react when you talk about health and fitness. If you’re getting a lot of eye rolling and deep breaths, you may want to tone it down. Some people just don’t want to hear it, so look for the signs and steer clear of the Negative Nelly’s!


Make time for friends and family.

Your new lifestyle can be time consuming so try and go out of your way set aside time each week for friends and family. Include them in your daily walks or exercises if they are willing but don’t let your fitness regimen be the only topic discussed. It can be difficult not to constantly talk about the things you are doing and excited about but keep in mind that not everyone is as interested in getting healthy as you are.


Ignore, ignore, ignore.

Getting riled up just encourages some people to keep at it. These types of people feed off of your reactions and trying to change them can be hopeless. There are certain people who just thrive off of negativity and get frustrated and even insulting when they see others doing well. Ignore them. If you have to be around them, talk about THEM – taking the spotlight off of you makes them feel better and lessens the chance of comments and insults that are just plain discouraging.

Trust me, I know it’s not always easy when others don’t understand the positive changes you are making but you CAN still achieve your goals and begin to surround yourself with like minded people along the way!

I believe in you!

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