When Life Gives You Lemons… Get a RV?!

It seemed like an overnight decision as we went from sitting at the table at Chad’s mom’s to purchasing an RV (called Minnie Winnie… haha!) to take the family on an adventure of a lifetime.

And to be honest, it actually was that quick. A split decision that we just felt was right.


The biggest question we got was… WHY? Why a Minnie Winnie trip around the country? Why not just settle in now that Chad was officially retired from the Marines and we were homeschooling the kids?

Honestly we have been struggling to figure out where we should settle for a bit. I think my vision after the military had us setting some hard roots somewhere…like forever. It might sound crazy but I was pretty adamant about it. When you have moved 10 times in 10 years you crave consistency. I wanted friends I never had to say goodbye to and friends my kids would grow up with. I wanted a house filled with life long memories… like a door with tiny little pencil marks telling a story every time I looked at it. You know what I mean?

We worked hard to have that vision and every time we went for it, it seemed like a door got shut unexpectedly. The last year has been a year of challenges and heartbreak. It all started when we thought we had our dream house secured in the Atlanta, Georgia area with a “future” business partner that I had grown close to. Picture the perfect gorgeous corner lot house on a little hill with a HUGE wrap around porch, perfect kitchen, basement for podcast recording , gym and future family little movie theater. Kids were all over the place and my heart was so at peace. In a crazy turn we ended up having to walk away from the house and a friendship.

But we picked ourselves back up and just tried to listen to that voice that can seem so faint sometimes. During that time of “listening” we lost 2 more houses. One that had our goods on the way and we were only 10 days out. That time it the door didn’t just shut. I am pretty sure it got kicked in our faces!

It was confusing to say the least. I thought man, I must be hearing the voice wrong or not seeing the signs that I am suppose to be seeing. Or maybe I am just not wanting to hear what He’s telling me because we settled on a beautiful rental in Ohio that STILL just didn’t feel right.

Why was there so much unrest?

The prayer I had been praying for years had been answered. Life was so good! I had my favorite person back by my side. We had a thriving business and complete freedom.

And that’s when it hit me.

I had been praying for more time, freedom and memories as a family. That’s all I have ever wanted. My heart sunk as I realized He just wanted us to take time to give thanks and enjoy the prayer that had been answered. So, what is the best way to celebrate a answered prayer like that?


What screams complete freedom, time and memories?A Minnie Winnie, of course!

Who would have thought that one RV could change our family in so many ways? Between homeschooling, seeing the beauty of this wonderful country and friends along the way… this trip has been everything I’ve ever wanted. The freedom for us to be a family. The memories to last a lifetime.

To some, this adventure may seem crazy but to us… it’s everything we needed and together, we are FREE.

If you find yourself struggling to “find your place,” I hope this helps you to see that you are not alone. Life doesn’t always have a perfect plan laid out for us. However, if we remain open to the possibilities… the plan can unfold for you in a way you never knew!

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  1. Ashley says

    I love that you shared this! My husband is a pipeliner amd we have spent 13 years traveling off and on. The first 5 were just my hubby and I then we had our oldest daughter and settled a little but every time we felt out of place we went back to the 5th wheel! You’ll create great family memories and meet amazing lifelong friends! Can’t wait to see where you guys travel to!

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