Why Accountability Matters in Reaching Your Goals

Do you believe in the power of accountability when it comes to reaching your goals?

If you ask me… everyone needs SOMEone to hold them accountable.

Whether you are trying to lose weight or simply trying to save money, having a person who can relate to you, can mean the difference between success and failure.

I have quite a few food weaknesses that don’t seem as difficult to pass up when I know there’s someone I have to report to about my progress!

This accountability partner or group is not just there to berate you when you slip up but to encourage you and pump you up when it comes to achieving your goals.

Like you, they too are going through similar issues and look to you to also hold them accountable!

So, who makes the best accountability partner?

Tough love is just what the doctor ordered when searching for the perfect person! A group or partner who will lovingly “kick your butt” yet leave you feeling on top of the world, not discouraged and guilty.

Where can you find this person? Church, school, the gym, online, just about anywhere! Start searching in places that make sense – you are not going to find much weight loss support in a bakery ;). And you may have to change up partners now and then – as you grow and your needs change, you’ll need to also “grow as you go”.

In my private challenge groups, accountability is truly one of the pieces for success. It worked for me and it works time and time again for others because that’s really what we need… someone to be there WITH us in the journey!

No matter who you select to help hold you accountable, just start with someone! You will progress faster and reach your goals more quickly than you ever expected!

Need help with an accountability partner? Come on over to my Facebook page and let me know so I can get you linked up with one!

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