Why the Scale is Sabotaging Your Efforts

Have you ever found your day starting off on the wrong foot because of the scale?


You feel like you put in all this work during the week only to find out you GAINED. Or maybe you know you were off track and you jump on just to kick yourself into gear but then you only find yourself angry about it.


Every time you walk in… there it sits, staring at you from the corner of the bathroom floor. That square of fluctuating numbers that can have you cheering one day and kicking it the next. I’ve trusted this roulette wheel of constantly changing digits most of my life…. Just wanting to see if I’ve lost another pound.


So why do we place so much faith in the scale? Why do we let this object determine how well we are doing and how healthy we are? The scale had become symbolic of where we are in our journey to health and happiness.


But the truth is that the scale is only a small part of the entire equation when it comes to fitness.


Losing inches, not pounds is key when it comes to getting in shape.
You could actually put on weight and be more toned, skinnier and healthier. Muscle is more dense than fat so as you lift weights and tone up, it’s more than possible to gain wait. This is a GOOD thing!! Muscle continues to burn fat even after you stop working out.. bonus!




So, back to the scale. Why do so many people continue to get depressed when the numbers aren’t where they think they should be?


We have literally trained ourselves to believe that the “numbers don’t lie”, but they kind of do. Factor in your BMI (body mass index) an overall assessment of your weight and body’s proportions. You could actually be underweight and have a BMI that needs work. Or you could have a perfect BMI, and be overweight according to certain scale standards. I’ve seen people who have reached their goal weight and are focused on maintenance loose pant sizes…. at the SAME weight as before!


It’s vital to not only watch the scale but to take all factors into account.


So the next time you find yourself craving a number to “get your fix”, remind yourself that it’s only ONE way to see progress… not the end all, be all.

In fact, go toss it! Yep! Toss that thing or hide it for the next two weeks and
You have to retrain yourself to not simply trust the numbers, but the culmination of several factors – your physical AND mental health depend on it!

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